Who runs for, and drinks to world peace?

Since the founding of the World Peace Through Beer movement by the Music City HHH, Nashville, Tennessee, in 1997, the following hash groups have participated:

Agana HHH (Guam), Alamogordo HHH (New Mexico), Amarillo HHH, Anchorage HHH (Alaska), Angkor HHH (Cambodia), Ann Arbor/Motown HHH, Arabia Felix HHH (Yemen), Asuncion HHH (Paraguay), Auckland North Shore Hussies (NZ), Austin HHH, Bad Decisions HHH (U.S. traveling), Baghdad HHH, Bangkok HHH, Berlin HHH, Bern HHH (Switzerland), Birmingham HHH (Alabama), Bloomingfools HHH (Indiana), Bossier City HHH (Louisiana), Border Jumper HHH (Texas), Boston HHH, Brenham HHH (Texas), Bribie Island HHH (Queensland), Brisbane Northside HHH, Brussels Manneke Piss HHH, Bulldog Boozers HHH (Korea), Burlington HHH, C2H5OH (Ohio), Capital HHH (Canberra), Charlotte HHH, Chicago Thirstday HHH, Colorado HHH, Colorado Kimchi HHH, Columbian HHH, CoMoTION HHH (Mo.), Copenhagen Viking HHH, Corpus Christi HHH, Crystal Coast HHH (North Carolina), Dallas HHH, Darkside HHH, Denver HHH, Dhaka HHH (Bangladesh), Dhaka Mixed HHH, Dili Puddlejumpers HHH (Timor Leste), Dry Shitties HHH (Washington), eaTmeHHH, Eerie HHH (Penn.), El Paso HHH, Emerald Coast HHH (Florida), Every Day is Wednesday HHH (DC), Flagstaff HHH, Frankfurt HHH, Fremantle H5, Ft. Eustis HHH, Galveston HHH (Tex.), Gator Bait HHH (Louisiana), Gold Coast FMHHH (Australia), Golden HHH, Governators H3 (Tenn.), G-Spot HHH (Greensboro, N.C.), Hartford HHH, Heartland HHH, Heidelberg HHH, Hillbilly HHH (Virginia), Hobo HHH (Western Australia), Holyland HHH (Israel), Holy Shit! WTF HHH (Bremerton, Wash.), Horse's Ass HHH (Lexington, Ky.), Houston HHH, Howlin' HHH (Arizona), Iowa City HHH, Kansas City HHH, Knuckledraggers HHH (U.S. traveling), Lake Somerville Rogue HHH,  Las Vegas HHH, Lincoln HHH (Nebraska), Little Rock HHH, Lubbock HHH, Magic City HHH (Alabama), Memphis HHH, Middle Georgia Hashes, Midwest Road Whores (U.S. traveling), Minneapolis HHH, Moody Blues HHH, MountainBeers HHH (West Va.), Mt. Vernon HHH, Music City HHH (founder), Nagoya HHH, New Orleans HHH, Nha Trang HHH (Vietnam), North County HHH (California), NYC H3 (New York), Okinawa HHH, Oklahoma City HHH, Omaha HHH, Onslow County HHH (North Carolina), Oregon HHH, Osan Bulgogi HHH (Korea), Oso HHH (Nebraska), Panama City HHH, Pensacola HHH, Phat Tire BHHH (Dayton, Ohio), Phoenix HHH, POHO HHH, Richmond, Va.), Portland Humpin' HHH (Oregon), Prick of the Prairie HHH, Pike's Peak HHH, Pooflingers HHH (New England), Puget Sound HHH, Random H3 (U.S. traveling), Reno BNH4 (Nevada) Roseville HHH (California), Rocket Sh**ty HHH (Alabama), Rotten Groton HHH, Sacile Madness HHH, Sacramento HHH, Saipan HHH, Sally's HHH (Korea), Sans Clue HHH (Paris), San Antonio HHH, H3 of SantO Barbara, Seattle HHH, Sembach HHH (Germany), Seoul FMHHH, Seoul PMS HHH, Siem Reap HHH, Sin City HHH (Las Vegas), Sin City HHHH (Cincinnati) ,Stuttgart HHH (Germany), Stuttgart Leap Year HHH, Southern Pines HHH (N.C.), (Southside HHH (Seoul), SPA HHH (Minnesota), Space Coast HHH (Florida), St. Louis HHH, Subic Bay HHH, Summit HHH (New Jersey), Sumo HHH, Survivor HHH, Tallahassee and Area HHH, Tampa Bay HHH, Tidewater HHH (Virginia), Tornado Alley HHH (Wichita, Kansas), Tuesday Tuesday HHH (Virginia), Utica>0 HHH (N.Y.), Ventura County (Calif.) HHH, Vicenza Derelicts HHH, Vientiane HHH (Laos), Vulcan HHH (Alabama), Wellington HHH (NZ), White House HHH, WTF HHH, Yellow Brick Road HHH, Yongsan Kimchi HHH (Korea), Yuma HHH (Ariz.), Zurich HHH.

"In order to promote international cooperation and to achieve international peace and security by the acceptance of beers of all Hashing nations, by the prescription of open, just and honorable relations between Hashes, by the firm establishment  of the understanding of international brewing, and by the maintenance of justice and a scrupulous respect for all Hash traditions in the dealings of organized Hashes with one another, we agree to the Covenant of the World Peace Through Beer Hash."


World Peace Through Beer is a cooperative event, and is not organized or promoted for profit.